Boston Acquired Brain Injury Support Group

What happened in April?

Adaptive Sports +

“Strengthen and Lengthen!”

Presented by:

Allie Cain, CTRS, Therapeutic Recreation, SRH &

Audrey Zaferos, PT & Elise Jackson, PT, Community Rehab Care

What happened in March?

“Did You Remember to Pay Attention?

Presented by

Pauline Fiorello, OTR/L CBIS & Linda Garrity, MA, CCC-SLP, SRH

What happened in February?

“Stress and Pain Management

Go Hand in Hand!”

Presented by

Eve Kennedy-Spaien, OTR/L, Clinical Supervisor, Pain and Functional Restoration Program, SRH/ Medford

What happened in January?

Birthday Party! 

 BABIS turned 17 years old!

What happened in December?

The ‘Gift’ of Mindfulness

For the Holidays

Presented by Dr. Sarah Gray, Psy.D,

SRH C-Town and Medford

What happened in November?

“We Are What We Eat!”

Presented by Alice Richter, RDN,MBA,LDN, SRH

What happened in October?

“Who Are We Now?”

 Survivor Panel:  David Castiglioni, Robert Goss

Tracey Mitchell, Sandra Madden

What happened in September?

“You Really Need Your Sleep!”

Presented by:

Dr. Kevin Domingos, Neuropsychologist

Director, Boston Neuropsychological Services, Needham

What happened in August?

Our Annual Spirit of Boston Cruise!

No meeting in July
What happened in June?

 “Creative Outlets: The Power of Art!”

Cecile Reve, LMHC-EAT & Gabriela Kotliar, LMHC-EAT


What happened in May?
Annual outing to the Museum of Science Omni Theater!
What happened in April?


“Leisure Activities + Adaptive Sports-

Get Out and Get Involved!”

Sandra Villante, Therapeutic Recreation, SRH




“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”  ~Maya Angelou


Group Poem:

Participating in silence

Overcoming obstacles

I strive for identity

Do not judge a book by its cover

Alone no more

Faith makes it possible

You can do anything

One all around

I rose from adolescence


I nearly died, but I survived in a different form

The mind stumbles but doesn’t fall

It’s not 100 yard dash; it’s a marathon

I’m starting over again and discovering a new norm

One day at a time; never give up!

Darkness no more!

After all this time, I’m still recovering

Moving forward in small and big steps


Always optimistic about the situation I’m in

I love all of you

Always stay tenacious

Stay positive

And we love you

Nature and animals are the answer

Thankful for this amazing day

The future is always bright!

What happened in January?
Meeting was Cancelled due to Snow Storm
What happened in December?

Holiday Traditions

presented by the

BABIS Planning Committee










Highlights from past BABIS Meetings:

Dr. Rick Leskowitz, Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital
"Stress Management and the Holidays"

What Works

  • Use your strategies

    • Write it down

    • Be organized

    • Embrace technology

    • Develop habits and routines

    • Be prepared

    • Take your time

  • Maintain a positive self image

    • Be honest with yourself and others

    • Find acceptance of yourself and your situation 

      • I am who I am

      • It is what it is

      • The “New Normal”

    • Focus on your strengths

    • Remember that your injury is a part of you, not all of you

  • Have a positive outlook

    • Hope and work for a better tomorrow

    • Find humor

    • Don't be afraid to try again

    • Be resilient

    • Have goals and dreams

    • Be active

  • Find support

    • Let people in

    • Find support through friends and family

    • Find others who know about brain injury

    • Educate family and friends about your injury

    • Let others know what you can and can't do and what you need

    • Let others know how they can help

  • Take care of yourself

    • Set up your own expectations

    • Stay healthy

      • Get enough sleep

      • Eat right

      • Exercise

      • Quit smoking

      • Avoid alcohol and other recreational drugs

    • Learn about your rights and resources

    • Allow yourself to grieve

    • Find your interests and talents

    • Find balance between working and resting

    • Find ways to relax

    • Find enjoyment

    • Find a purpose

What Doesn't Work

  • Not having strategies 
  • Not having a plan 
  • Trying to keep up with other people's pace
  • Trying to live up to your and other people’s expectations based on what you used to be able to do 
  • Being self-judgmental 
  • Worrying about "should's" and "have to's" 
  • Having advocates who don't listen 
  • Expecting others to make your life better 
  • Comparing your new self with your old self 
  • Trying to be who you are not 
  • Believing what isn't true 
  • Having family that doesn't accept your injury 
  • Believing that life is over or will never get better 
  • Not adapting to change 
  • Having people say you'll never be able to do things 
  • People saying "you are lucky" 
  • People saying “I know how you feel" 
  • People telling you, “You look great”, when you aren't feeling great

Questions to Answer

  •   How much do I tell others about my injury? Not everyone needs to know everythingWhich battles do I want to fight? Not all battles are worth fighting, not all victories are worth the cost. Sometimes fighting is not the best way to get what you need.


Here is the inspiring song our group wrote with
Trevor Berens, Intern, SRH.
I Can See Clearly Now

(new verses composed by the BABIS group, April 14, 2012)
Over the time we will recover
The pain in our brain will go away
A brand new life we will discover
The sun will rise and shine all day
BABIS is the only way.
We have survived and now the worst is gone.
It’s not the same but we can make a change
Every day will bring a brand new dawn.
It’s gonna be a bright, bright sunshiny day.
I know good can get better
I feel it as I write each letter.
We can’t lose hope now, we’ll be fine.
It’s gonna be a bright bright sunshiny day.
Gone is the trauma we’ve been enduring
It’s time’s turn to work on the curing.
Now we can see future pages advancing.
Today is a bright sunshiny day.
It is a beautiful day at BABIS.
We all get together to support eachother.
All of our days at Spaulding are getting better.
Today is a bright sunshiny day.
We can see clearly now what life has been.
It’s been a long road, look how far we’ve come.
Help and support with your hand in mine
With hope as our guide, (guide) we’ll all find our way.
I care so dearly now, my chains are gone.
My limitations can be overcome
Even though rain on brain has caused me pain.
Gonna have freedom now till I die.
Poems inspired by the song
As long as the walls are down my life is better.
It’s nice to be surrounded by a group of friends.
Using our good judgment will keep us safe forever,
Our common interest is the safety of others.
We will find support from each other through the ups and downs.
Thank God for grandeous delusions
The whole world looks sunshiny.
Each day is brighter and lighter
The world is full of laughter and play
This makes my life better day by day.
Support from peers and friends will never end.
Sunshine never ends, it’s outside
Everywhere gathering strength.
Once we start thinking and acting like children
We will have a better day.
“A word that didn’t exist until music gave it a place.
“Watch out for the rain; It made rainbows in the sky,
Multicolored rainbows show us the route in a chaosticasmic way.”
“Yeah, we’re building a bridge here!”


 Here's the beautiful poem our group wrote
wtih Philip Hasouris in February 2012:

I am a survivor
I am splatt
I want to see my wife
I am here to have fun
Maybe the future is within our reach
The music sounds good
I wonder what’s for lunch
Have I really lost something
We are going to win the super bowl
I’d like to be on an island in the Pacific Ocean
I love my life and family
The stars above
Is this a group discussion
I am alive and happy
I am a member of the Boston Brain Injury Association
The quality of people is un-researched
Photographs record their lives
Making up a poem is in the hearing
Rain in Spain
Bed at night
You have to reinvent yourself
The road to my healing
Satisfaction unfound
On a cold winter’s day
I found warmth writing a poem with a group of strangers I ponder why this happend to me
Friendship is nice to have


©Copyright 2011